Part I:  Introduction by Ms. Damaris Richardson, State Prevention Project Officer for the Marshall Islands, SAMHSA, background music by David.

Part II: 3 minute song by Ms. Dhairlynn and her daddy Carton Keju, “Naij juon Ajri” (I am a child)

This first song sung by Ms. Dhairlynn and her daddy is a song about a child who is a happy child because she was lucky enough to be taught by her grandparents, teachers, parents and big brother and sister not to use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  She is a child who listens. 



Part III:  2 minute song by the whole team “Dijo im Ukoj” “Moving out of harm’s way”. This song is about preserving the Marshallese traditional way of life “kumit” “stand united” to work together to move harm out of the way such as strengthening law enforcement to protect our children from alcohol and tobacco.  You extend your hand and I extend my hand, together we can prevent alcohol and tobacco use.

“A spectacular performance” 
Major General Arthur T. Dean

Marshall Island's 25th CADCA National Leadership Forum & SAMHSA’s 11th Prevention Day

Closing Ceremony by the Kumit Bobrae Coalition 

Posted on February 2, 2015, Marshall Islands. 

The Kumit Bobrae Coalition jepta pictured with Mrs. Frances M. Harding, Director for the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, SAMHSA and Ms. Damaris Richardson, State Prevention Project Officer for the Marshall Islands, right after the closing presentation and performance for the 11th SAMHSA Prevention Day, February 2, 2015.Part IV:  8 minute dance. 

The dance is a set of actions demonstrating different typical Marshallese chores that keep us healthy and strong.  It’s meant to keep reminding us (Marshallese) especially the young people of the importance of our traditions that has kept us healthy and busy thus having no place and time for drugs.  1st chore:  pushing the canoe into the water to go fishing, looking for birds flying over the sea indicating that there is a school of fish there and now is good for fishing.  2nd chore: harvesting breadfruit from the tree.  

3rd chore:  making copra, prepare the copra, fill up the copra bag, then carry the bag on shoulders and take it away.  4th chore:  all the chores done we go for a ride and we say don’t drink and drive (jepta theme).   The ladies give away Marshallese flowers “wut” attached with the message “mission possible, agents of change, Republic of the Marshall Islands”.   End of the presentation and performance.  A total of 20 minutes.